174a Hoylake Road 



CH46 8TQ 

About Us

We are an English-speaking Welsh Presbyterian Church serving Moreton and the surrounding areas.  The Presbyterian Church in Moreton aims to be a caring, outreaching church, which reflects the love of God our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  The Church is run in the Presbyterian way with administration being in the hands of the Minister and Elders together.

The Church in Moreton is part of the Wirral and Mersey Pastorate of the Presbyterian Church of Wales, a joint Pastorate with our Churches at Two Mills on the Wirral and Clubmoor in Liverpool. 

We hold public worship on Sundays and meetings during the week.  We encourage all to use their talents to enhance the work done at Moreton in the furtherance of the understanding of God’s word. 

We extend a very warm welcome to everybody at our services and meetings.  We are known in the area as ‘The Friendly Church’.  Please look at the appropriate pages on this website for further information about our services and meetings.

Inside the Church